Our Mission & Strategy

Every organization has a story and while many are founded on need for profit, HSC has been founded on need for healthcare value. Health Staffing Company or as we like to call ourselves, HSC takes pride in being the first and only recruitment agency in Kenya with a pure focus in healthcare sector. Our origin was occasioned by several sad stories told by hospitals and hospital administrators who constantly struggle to verify credentials of doctors and or other healthcare workers.

Hospitals that have employed people purporting to be doctors or nurses and endangered the lives of patients. And of doctors and other healthcare workers who work most of their lives trapped, sad and unable to progress in their careers. We exist to create value for healthcare professionals and we exist to ease the recruitment pain of hospitals and healthcare organizations.

HSC is a privately registered company founded by healthcare workers, and being healthcare workers means we have the networks and the experience of what healthcare needs.

Our Vision is thus to be the leading provider of healthcare staff and healthcare staffing solutions in Africa.

Our Mission is to create value in healthcare delivery by placing highly qualified healthcare personnel with the right employers.





Nyaku House,
Mezzanine, hurlingham, Shopping center
P.O. BOX - 00100-22970, Nairobi
+254 714 958627
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Us

HSC is a privately owned healthcare workers founded organization dedicated to delivering the most qualified highly skilled medical staff to hospitals, governments (county, national and foreign) and healthcare organizations such as NGOs, humanitarian groups, schools and universities.

At HSC, we believe that provision of the highest level of patient care begins with having a motivated, qualified and highly skilled healthcare workforce.