Our Performance

HSC works by putting people first, by creating value so that we achieve a win-win-win situation to healthcare employers, employees and patients. With a firm belief that quality healthcare begins with the right staffing, we have installed in our culture the following cores values

  • Integrity and Ethical behavior
  • Professionalism
  • Timely delivery of our promise
  • Quality Service
  • Growth and Innovation



Integrity and Ethical Behavior

At HSC, we believe success is based not only on what is achieved, but also on how it is achieved. Before any decision, the first question we ask is, “How is this going to affect healthcare professionals—our employees, our hospital clients, our healthcare providers, and the patients they serve?” We firmly believe that every interaction must be a win-win-win situation and so all decisions we make must positively impact our customers, our employees, and the company.



We exist to supply healthcare professionals to healthcare providers. We exist to create value to the professionals and the healthcare providers. We do this because we are detailed and conduct our services with utmost skill and expertise. Our background check on professionals that we recruit is thorough but the process is conducted gently with no malice.


Timely delivery of our promise

Our clients get our services as prompt as we promise because we know healthcare is a matter of life and death. We work with our clients within timelines and neither constrains their service delivery nor unduly pressures our professionals. We can deliver at short notices if required to do so.


Quality Service

We evaluate the quality of our service through quality assurance evaluations from our client facilities and our healthcare professionals. We ask about the service they receive from HSC, the accuracy of information, and the ease of working with us. The results from these surveys are provided to the appropriate division at HSC each month. Continuous improvement is a core value at HSC, so our goal is to provide exceptional service over the course of every assignment.


Growth and Innovation

HSC has a vision. We want to grow to be Africa’s leading and preferred healthcare staff and healthcare staffing solutions provider. As we grow, our professionals must grow too. We believe professionals must be nurtured to grow to be what they desire. That is why we place them where their careers are nourished, where they constantly climb up and up and up the ladder. And we don’t just focus on career growth; we encourage financial and personal growth amongst our staff and professionals. So we constantly innovate to achieve growth.



Nyaku House,
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P.O. BOX - 00100-22970, Nairobi
+254 714 958627
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About Us

HSC is a privately owned healthcare workers founded organization dedicated to delivering the most qualified highly skilled medical staff to hospitals, governments (county, national and foreign) and healthcare organizations such as NGOs, humanitarian groups, schools and universities.

At HSC, we believe that provision of the highest level of patient care begins with having a motivated, qualified and highly skilled healthcare workforce.