Health Professionals

We know that employees’ lives encompass much more than the time they spend at work. This knowledge drives all of the decisions we make regarding our benefit programs. We want healthcare professionals to be happy and motivated, and we realize that can only happen if we offer benefits that help them maintain a healthy work/life balance. So you get the following as minimum by registering  with HSC

  1. Be seen first; be picked first! Majority if not all healthcare providers, healthcare institutions, and healthcare stakeholders look to HSC first for the best healthcare skills. After a long and expensive journey acquiring skills that allow you to enjoy your job, you must want to work for the best organizations as soon as possible. That dream is alive only at HSC where professionals are picked first before even advertisements are placed.
  2. Best Matched Jobs: Get exactly what you want from your career – location, Lifestyle, financial reward. HSC matches the best jobs in the healthcare industry because we understand what it means to stay away from family. We know what it costs in time and money to educate a professional and we are keen to have our professionals have the best pay for their skills. That is why our priority is to have you enjoy your work with the best matched job in the country.
  3. Full support in your professional and personal growth – HSC will have most things you need taken care of – professional indemnity insurance, medical insurance, sponsored CPD courses, professional trainings, name it! You will love your job knowing that everything from start to finish that you and your family needs has been taken care of.
  4. At HSC you can only get more than you expect! As time changes, needs change and we change too but for the better to meet your career and lifestyle needs.




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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Us

HSC is a privately owned healthcare workers founded organization dedicated to delivering the most qualified highly skilled medical staff to hospitals, governments (county, national and foreign) and healthcare organizations such as NGOs, humanitarian groups, schools and universities.

At HSC, we believe that provision of the highest level of patient care begins with having a motivated, qualified and highly skilled healthcare workforce.